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C.M. Heating is keeping you cool and comfortable during the hot months in Arlington, WA. Our experts are some of the best Air Conditioning Service techs in the industry. Take a look around in Arlington, WA and see the work we've done!

CM Heating Tuned and cleaned gas furnace. Removed and cleaned the burners and flame sensor. Tested the capacitors and gas pressure. Took amp draws of motors. Visually inspected the control board and blower assembly. Took delta t and changed filter. Capacitor tested low on charge. Replaced capacitor. Furnace is running properly at this time Tune and clean ac. Tested refrigerant pressures, amp draws, capacitor, contactor and delta t. Cleaned system. Ac is running properly at this time ***Office to call about payment for the maintenance. Customer says she is still owed for prepaid maintenance but was not noted on my call.

Arlington, WA

Service was completed on Ac unit. System is operating within factory specifications at this time. System is properly charged and amp draws are good.

Arlington, WA