Heat Pump Cleaning

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Heat Pump Cleaning Arlington, Washington

Annual maintenance of heat pump and air conditioning and heat pump systems is critical to maintain efficient reliable equipment performance. C.M. Heating can service all types of heat pumps in Arlington, WA. Our service technicians can completely clean and service your HVAC systems in Arlington, WA to give you the peace of mind that your system will perform well for months to come.

If you need system repair, C.M. Heating stocks the heat pump parts parts you need. If you need to update your AC or Heat Pump system in Arlington, WA, we install a range of replacement systems.

Customer stated that their heat pump would not come on at all. their outdoor unit does not appear to be turning on at all. Upon investigation, the technician found that the system would not start up. I checked the capacitor on the unit and it had failed reading 0 MFD across C to FAN/HERM. I replaced it and system started up. I checked pressures and they are nominal, cooling output is good. Blower motor remains on even when system is off at T-stat. I traced low voltage and found t-stat is providing correct signal to unit which indicates that PCB has a relay that is stuck closed and will need to be replaced if blower motor is to be properly operated.

Arlington, WA

CM Heating Performed a furnace maintenance and heat pump maintenance operated the systems to ensure proper operation, found the filter needing to be replaced and a few registers were closed. The customer will monitor the system after these changes.

Arlington, WA