Furnace Service and Repair

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No Heat in Bothell, Washington

Furnaces can be intimidating especially when they're not working. However there might be a silver lining to this stressful situation: roughly a quarter of all service calls can be resolved with easy fixes that are simple and inexpensive.

At C.M. Heating we help homeowners like you in Bothell, WA all the time with their heating systems. From simply offering advise, to complete system replacement, we have the knowledge and experience to help you resolve the challenges your heating system is presenting in the best possible way.

CM Heating Performed a diagnostic service on gas furnace and AC. Established thermostat comms. The unit has a system fuse that shorted. Performed maintenace of gas furnace and AC, replaced fail contactor, test/check safety circuits, checked tolerance of consumable components, check refrigerant pressures for leaks and efficiency performance, replaced air filter, and verified proper operations. Unit is working properly at this time.

Bothell, WA

CM Heating performed a furnace diagnostic and found Suction line going into the indoor coil was not wrapped properly and when a/c was running the condensation was just dripping onto the floor instead of internal coil drain pan

Bothell, WA