Heat Pump Cleaning

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Heat Pump Cleaning Bothell, Washington

Annual maintenance of heat pump and air conditioning and heat pump systems is critical to maintain efficient reliable equipment performance. C.M. Heating can service all types of heat pumps in Bothell, WA. Our service technicians can completely clean and service your HVAC systems in Bothell, WA to give you the peace of mind that your system will perform well for months to come.

If you need system repair, C.M. Heating stocks the heat pump parts parts you need. If you need to update your AC or Heat Pump system in Bothell, WA, we install a range of replacement systems.

CM heating performed a heat and cool maintenance. Check over performance and consumable components in the system. Inducer capacitor is below manufacturers specification and recommend replacing. *Capacitor replaced on this visit. Outdoor coil has a little built up of debris- recommend yearly maintenance to monitor. Overall system is in good condition. Recommend continuation of preventive maintenance to keep system running at its best. All conditions normal at this time.

Bothell, WA

CM Heating went out for a Heat and Cool Maintenance System is running well, all components are within manufacturer’s specifications. System is wired to run on second stage of heat permanently. Output at vent is 115 degrees, no issues at this time. Recommend annual maintenance.

Bothell, WA

CM heating performed Heat Pump Maintenance - System is running well, all components are within manufacturers specifications. Filters have been cleaned, condensate pump tested. No issues at this time. Hot water tank Maintenance - Tank has been flushed and inspected for leaks. All operations normal at this time.

Bothell, WA

CM Heating Performed maintenance on heat pump/Air handler unit. Capacitors are below manufacturer specification which will cause the indoor blower motor, outdoor fan, and compressor motor to work harder. Checked refrigerant levels, electrical connections, and overall condition of the unit. There are signs of deterioration, specifically on the coils which has rust and may leak in the future at some point.

Bothell, WA

CM heating Performed maintenance on Air handler and heat pump in heating mode. Checked all components including the system operations. Everything is working as design. Changed out air filter and help customer with setting thermostat schedule.

bothell, WA

CM heating Performed maintenance on a ductless heat pump. System operating normally.

Bothell, WA