Gas Fireplace, Gas Logs Service

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Gas Fireplace, Gas Logs Service Edmonds, Washington

C.M. Heating offers full repair and maintenance services for hearth products in Edmonds, WA. If you have a dv gas fireplace, fireplace insert, gas stove, or gas logs, our service technicians have the experience to keep your system operating safely and at peak efficiency.

C.M. Heating stocks the parts and has the experience necessary to keep your gas fired fireplace or stove running properly.

CM Heating performed a fireplace diagnostic and found the Downstairs fireplace is obsolete and beyond repair quote written. Upstairs fireplace ,cleaned and inspected unit, tested unit for proper operation, unit working properly possible fan needed. JL

Edmonds, WA

CM Heating Did not open fireplace or re-clean glass due to homeowners request. Based on visual inspection, unit seems to be in decent shape for its age.

Edmonds, WA

CM Heating went out for a fireplace diagnostic and Found unit with weak gas valve that could fail at any given time.

Edmonds, WA

CM Heating Perform diagnostic on a fireplace. Recommend replacing unit.

Edmonds, WA

CM Heating performed a fireplace diagnostic and found Batteries were low in module. Replaced batteries, and problem was solved. Cleaned glass.

Edmonds, WA