Heat Pump Cleaning

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Heat Pump Cleaning Edmonds, Washington

Annual maintenance of heat pump and air conditioning and heat pump systems is critical to maintain efficient reliable equipment performance. C.M. Heating can service all types of heat pumps in Edmonds, WA. Our service technicians can completely clean and service your HVAC systems in Edmonds, WA to give you the peace of mind that your system will perform well for months to come.

If you need system repair, C.M. Heating stocks the heat pump parts parts you need. If you need to update your AC or Heat Pump system in Edmonds, WA, we install a range of replacement systems.

CM Heating performed a heat pump maintenance and found Heat pump working properly at this time. No concerns, replaced outdoor sensor batteries

Edmonds, WA

CM Heating Performed a heating and cooling maintenance service on heat pump unit. Overall system is working as normal. There are physical deterioration to both the condenser coil and evaporator coil. (More predominant on Evap) Electronic air cleaner is not usable/functional. Currently used only as a housing for disposable filters. -Took measurements of consumable components and verify they are within specific tolerance. -Compared baseline refrigerant data to current readings. -Inspect electrical and mechanical components for premature wear/failure. -Changed filter. -Inspect overall operations. Overall assessment: all operations normal but due to the mechanical and physical wear; the system may present failures and will need replacing at some point.

Edmonds, WA

CM Heating performed Maintenance on air handler and heat pump, wiped down and cleaned both units tested capacitor and motors, inspected electrical components and control boards,tested temperature rise and drop, also maintained the hot water heater systems are running normal at this time

Edmonds, WA

CM Heating performed a Maintenance on gas furnace and heat pump, tested capacitors and motors, tested compressor, inspected control boards, tested gas pressure, tested system in all phases and cleaned both units, system is running normal at this time

Edmonds, WA