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Heat Pump Service Edmonds, Washington

C.M. Heating services all types air conditioners or heat pumps in Edmonds, WA. Our service technicians can diagnosis and repair your packaged or split systems in Edmonds, WA and get your HVAC system back up to speed promptly.

Let us help you decide how best to solve you comfort and efficiency challenges quickly. If repair is the best choice, C.M. Heating stocks the parts you need. If you need to update your AC or Heat Pump system in Edmonds, WA, we install a range of replacement systems.

CM Heating performed a heat pump diagnostic and Did not detect any abnormal noise coming from the heat pump. Based off the sound the customer was describing and matching that to the recent cold temperatures its very likely the system was entering its defrost mode which will make a noise. The sound would stand out if unfamiliar and if the unit is close to a bedroom. Recommend a maintenance service during the warmer months such as summer to see how the cooling is performing. The system may need a tune up.

Edmonds, WA

CM Heating went out for a heat pump diagnostic and tech found that system is low on refrigerant causing the low pressure switch to cut voltage to defrost board. This is causing heat pump to short cycle. System needs to be charged to factory specs and leak checked to find where refrigerant leak is. Depending on repair, cost can range anywhere from around $1,000 to a few thousand dollars. There is a wide range of repairs that could possibly be found. Compressor run capacitor is out of range as well and needs to be replaced. Customer set up with outside sales to get bid on new heat pump.

Edmonds, WA

CM Heating Performed a heating maintenance on the comfort equipment. Inspect and check conditions of the system components, added anti fugal tabs to condensation pump, and checked for any abnormalities. The unit is functioning as normal, no concerns/issues that need addressing at this time.

Edmonds, WA

CM Heating performed a diagnostic on a heat pump and furnace and Diagnosed clogged ptrap inside furnace. Cleared ptrap and system is now running properly. Tested CO levels, in safe zone. Unsure if water had any affect in damages to other parts, let homeowner know to keep an eye on everything.

edmonds, WA