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Edmonds, Washington

CM Heating Performed a diagnostic service on the gas fireplace. Findings: failed gas valve. Recommendation: Gas valve replacement plus new pilot gas component assembly. Completed: Repairs and maintenance service. All operations normal at this time.

Edmonds, WA

CM Heating Performed maintenance on fireplace. System is operating within normal measurements. Added remote SENSOR to system.

Edmonds, WA

CM Heating Completed fireplace diagnostic, found the reason the pilot wasn't staying lit was a dirty flame sensor, replaced batteries in receiver and remote and cleaned glass. Tested unit. All functions are normal at this time. No other concerns.

Edmonds, WA

CM Heating performed a fireplace diagnostic and Found a tiny gas leak from inlet gas line, tightened and retest using combustible gas detector. No other indicators found. Finished up with a maintenance service on the fireplace. All operations normal at this time.

Edmonds, WA

CM Heating went out for a fireplace diagnostic and found The gas was turned off so I was limited of what I could do. Cleaned up the unit and showed customer how to lite the system once the gas is supplied to the condominium.

Edmonds, WA