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Tankless Water Heater Service Granite falls, Washington

Tankless hot water heaters are excellent prodocts in Granite falls, WA! But what do you do when they are not meeting your expectations?

Answer: you call C.M. Heating. We are extremely well equipped, stocked, and trained to solve your tankless hot water heating frustrations and keep your system in peak working order. C.M. Heating are the top tankless water heater professionals in Granite falls, WA. We've seen the successes of tankless & solved the frustrations of customers who have endured the service of less qualified companies. We service, repair & provide warranty services on all tankless brands of tankless hot water heaters.

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Performed diagnostic on tankless hot water heater. Error code E003 ignition failure so I cleaned the igniter and flame sensor up really good and could physically see the spark from the igniter but burners never caught fire so many its a gas issuse. So I wanted to to check gas presure from the gas control valve to see if it needed ajusting. I started to unscrew the presure screw and water started to drain out of the gas presure screw when gas is supposed to be coming out of. So I drain the water best Icould from the gas control valve and also notice water in the presure hose that connects to the presure switch... So I drained all the water out of that. Tried to start the tankless but same thing sparking but no gas. Because we don’t know where the water is coming from Signed customer up for free consultation to get price for new unit. If the parts are replaced that still doesn’t fix the issue with where the water is coming from and can still cause the new parts to have the same issue.

Granite falls, WA

CM heating went out for a Tankless Maintenance - Home owner stated seeing error code 11 on multiple occasions, inspected unit and found that the flame sensor and ignitor was dirty. Cleaned components and flushed system, this should correct error. Test ran unit and ensured hot water in home. No issues at this time. GF Maintenance - System is running well for age, all components are within manufacturer’s specifications. The inducer connection for the PVC was leaking at silicone so i removed old silicone and applied new coating. We will monitor moving forward if leak returns. No other issues at this time.

Granite falls, WA