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Kirkland, Washington

CM Heating Completed fireplace maintenance Unit 1 log set- unit seems to be working fine however it is not possible for a remote to be used with this unit. Due to your safety concerns, it may be beneficial to replace the unit with a newer log set that supports a remote or possibly a zero clearance- built in fireplace if possible to install. Unit 2 - unit is functioning properly. Replaced old remote with new skytech thermostat remote. Cleaned glass and checked all components. Unit is in good working condition.

Kirkland, WA

CM Heating Performed a diagnostic service on the gas fireplace and found the pilot assembly had failed. Replaced with new and operations test normal. Continued gas fireplace maintenance. Check safety devices, gas valve, pilot, burner assembly, and verified proper operations of the unit. Verified co2 is properly exhausting through vents and took measurements of the levels. No emission entering the living space. This unit has no fan motor installed.

Kirkland, WA