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Keeping Cool in Lake stevens, Washington

Ideally when it gets warm outside when you walk over to your thermostat and click cool you should be all set. But what can you do when you click cool and nothing happens, or warm air comes out of your ductwork rather than cool?

Call C.M. Heating. We have fully trained expert AC technicians that work in Lake stevens, WA all the time. We have the know-how, and the parts needed to get your air conditioning system back up to speed quickly.

Customer has an older AC with R32 refrigerant, the unit is not cooling the air in the home, just recycling room temperature air & there is no R32 because it all leaked out due to a leak in the line to compressor. -Had another company come out to diagnose the unit, they found what they believe to be a leak in the line to the compressor. The tech from the other company filled the unit with R32 knowing there was a potential leak, all of it leaked out, and since the customer has tried to contact them and get someone back out, but is now just moving on with us. Upon diagnosis, the technician found the system is completely out of refrigerant upon arrival. Gauges read 0. In order to find the potential leak we would need to perform a leak search and go through repairs at that point. Customer does not want to pay for repairs on a 20 year old unit and would like to get a HP consultation.

Lake stevens, WA

Heat and Cool Maintenance, no concerns just needed a cleaning and changing of the filter.

Lake Stevens, WA

Customer called and stated that their heat pump is not cooling their home. Upon investigation, the technician found that the system is being restricted by the indoor TXV. On a call for cooling, the TXV begins to ice up and spread onto the evaporator coil. The suction pressure is low (43 psi) and super heat is high (86). Replacement of TXV is required to get Unit operating normally, part is covered under warranty.

Lake Stevens, WA

CM Heating performed a AC, furnace and water tank maintenance per contract with customer

Lake stevens, WA

CM Heating Tuned and cleaned ac unit. Checked capacitor and contactor. Took amp draws of compressor and fan. Checked delta and refrigerant pressures. Checked filter. Outdoor temp 48 degrees will not give accurate pressures. System running properly at this time

Lake Stevens, WA