Fireplace Cleaning

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Fireplace Cleaning Lake stevens, Washington

Whether you use your fireplace or stove in Lake stevens, WA for ambiance or for heating, it needs to be properly maintained.

C.M. Heating offers full cleaning and maintenance services for hearth products in Lake stevens, WA. If you have a dv gas fireplace, fireplace insert, gas stove, or gas logs, our service technicians have the experience to keep your system operating safely and at peak efficiency.

Customer stated that their gas fireplace is not working and will not light. PSE was out at customer's home when they called in, and PSE stated that they do not believe it is an issue with the pilot right, but rather an issue with a valve on the unit. Upon Diagnosis, our technician found unit with dirty pilot assembly and faulty switch, customer will replace the switch.

Lake Stevens, WA

Customer's gas fireplace pilot light is on. The switch will no longer ignite the fireplace. Upon investigation, the technician found that there was a bad on and off switch. The technician replaced the switch and found that all operations were normal at this time.

Lake Stevens, WA