Furnace Service and Repair

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Furnace Service and Repair Lake stevens, Washington

If your heating system in Lake stevens, WA is not working it is likely your furnace needs repair or service. At times the fix is simple, other times it is not. Our heating and furnace service technicians have years of experience working on furnaces like yours in Lake stevens, WA. C.M. Heating has service vehicles on call that are fully equipped with the tools and parts necessary to get your furnace back up and operating.

Our furnace repair, furnace service or replacement pricing is very competitive. Our estimates are always firm with no hidden surprises. You can rely on C.M. Heating to advise you properly and to do excellent work promptly. Ask us about maintenance agreements for your high efficiency furnace today.

CM Heating performed a Diagnostic on gas furnace. Pressure switch is failing. The control board is only sending 8v to the blower motor causing the fan not to turn on and over heat. Exhaust has a hole on the furnace end in the elbow and is rusted out. Customer has no heat at this time. Recommend replacing unit due age and repairs needed. Comfort advisor scheduled for 4/15/19.

Lake Stevens, WA

CM Heating performed a Diagnostic on gas furnace. Inducer motor is significantly loud and has high starting and running amps. Parts under warranty until 12/12/19.

Lake Stevens, WA

CM Heating performed a furnace diagnostic and Found the thermostat not working properly. With only 2 wires and a consultation coming up I feel the best thermostat choice would be the vision pro 8000 so that an EIM can be hooked up. 100%

Lake Stevens, WA

CM Heating performed a furnace diagnostic and found Furnace had build up of white powder in tube for pressure switch. Cleared out tube and tested system 5 times with no issues. Run cap, igniter, and flame sensor within range. Cleaned cabinet.

Lake Stevens, WA

CM Heating performed a furnace diagnostic and Found leaking p-trap. Recommend replace, possibly under warranty, office to call with quote.

Lake Stevens, WA

CM Heating performed a furnace diagnostic and Found and rescurred s- cleat on filter housing system is running normal at this time

Lake Stevens, WA