Gas Fireplace, Gas Logs Service

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Gas Fireplace, Gas Logs Service Lake stevens, Washington

C.M. Heating offers full repair and maintenance services for hearth products in Lake stevens, WA. If you have a dv gas fireplace, fireplace insert, gas stove, or gas logs, our service technicians have the experience to keep your system operating safely and at peak efficiency.

C.M. Heating stocks the parts and has the experience necessary to keep your gas fired fireplace or stove running properly.

CM heating Performed maintenance on gas insert clean vacuumed fireplace log set cleaned both side of the glass cleaned carbon build up off thermal pile thermal couple the whole pilot assembly. Had to bleed the gas line off bad gas homeowner stated it had been 3 - 5 years since it was last used. All operations normal at this time.

Lake Stevens, WA

CM heating performed Gas fireplace Diagnostic and found Gas valve is bad, verified with new thermocouple. Recommend repair or replace.

Lake stevens, WA

CM heating performed a fireplace diagnostic and Got pilot to light with lighter and fireplace and got it working upon arrival. However found pilot assembely in rough shape, and recommend replacement. Fireplace is 20 years old.

Lake Stevens, WA

CM heating Completed fireplace maintenance/diagnostic. Found pilot light dissipating after ignition. Cleaned out pilot orifice however the issue was still present indicating a bad gas valve. Unit is around 20 years old, taking its age into consideration I would recommend replacement of entire unit instead of gas valve replacement.

Lake Stevens, WA

CM heating Performed a diagnostic on fireplace unit. There was some corrosion on the wire connectors that created a poor electrical conductor. Cleaned system and tested unit. All operations normal at this time.

Lake Stevens, WA