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Lake stevens, Washington

CM Heating Performed a diagnostic on a gas fireplace. Upon inspection found control wire from wall switch had exposed wires from rubbing on a sharp sheet metal underneath fireplace. Remove exposed section of wire and rewire connection. Perform maintenance on a gas furnace. Check thermostat operation, check inducer/blower operation, check ignition sequence, check capacitor, check safety components. Inducer motor showing signs of wear but operational at this time. All system operating normally.

Lake Stevens, WA

CM Heating performed a fireplace diagnostic and found Fixed delayed ignition, fan, and rectified fake log configuration. Continued with performing a maintenance service on the fireplace. All operations normal at this time.

Lake Stevens, WA

CM Heating Performed a diagnostic service on gas fireplace. The unit had a shorted wire. Fixed the issue and continued with a maintenance service. All operations normal at this time.

Lake Stevens, WA

CM Heating Performed gas fireplace maintenance. Check safety devices, gas valve, pilot, burner assembly, and verified proper operations of the unit. Verified co2 is properly exhausting through vents and took measurements of the levels. Cleaned glass, vacuumed dust/dirt from firebox, and placed glowing embers. All operations normal at this time.

Lake Stevens, WA