Water Heater Service and Repair

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Water Heater Service and Repair Lake stevens, Washington

C.M. Heating services and repairs all types of water heaters in Lake stevens, WA. We specialize in tank and tankless hot water heaters. Our service technicians can diagnosis and repair your electric or gas water heaters promptly. We offer same day water heater service in Lake stevens, WA.

Let us help you decide how best to solve your water heating problems. If repair is the best choice, C.M. Heating stocks the parts you need. If you need a new water heater in Lake stevens, WA, we install a range of water heating systems.

CM heating performed furnace and water heater maintenance and found Furnace operations normal. Flame sensor, igniter and run cap within range. Clean d full cabinet and circuit board. Replaced filter. Hot water tank was flushed and verified no leaks in gas or water lines. Relit pilot and released air from pipes. All operation normal for hot water

Lake Stevens, WA

CM Heating Perfromed a maintenace service on the gas furnace and hot water tank. There are two gas furnace components that are below design tolerance; recommend replacing. The hot water tank has a leak/water drip from the supply pipe. Looks like some of the water enter the shell. Due to reaching its manufacturers replacement age, and possible internal rust corrosion its recommend to replace. Currently all operations are working normally.

Lake Stevens, WA

CM Heating Completed furnace maintenance and hot water tank maintenance. Checked all major components on both pieces of equipment. Everything operating as normal. No concerns at this time.

Lake Stevens, WA