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Keeping Cool in Lynnwood, Washington

Ideally when it gets warm outside when you walk over to your thermostat and click cool you should be all set. But what can you do when you click cool and nothing happens, or warm air comes out of your ductwork rather than cool?

Call C.M. Heating. We have fully trained expert AC technicians that work in Lynnwood, WA all the time. We have the know-how, and the parts needed to get your air conditioning system back up to speed quickly.

Customer stated that their air conditioning unit was not cooling properly. Upon investigation, I found that the system was a little low on refrigerant making it work harder and unable to keep desired temp during hot days. I added about a pound to the system and got the supply temp to go from 55 to 52 degrees. Outside temp is about 63 degree, if isssue continues we will return and adjust charge again. All other components are within manufacturers specifications. No other issues at this time.

Lynnwood, WA

CM Heating Performed a heating and cooling maintenance service on the gas furnace and air conditioning unit. -Took measurements of consumable components and verify they are within specific tolerance. -Compared baseline refrigerant data to current readings. -Inspect electrical and mechanical components for premature wear/failure. -Inspect overall operations. All comfort equipment are operating well within design perimeters at this time. ***Filter is dirty and should be replaced***

lynnwood, WA