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Air Conditioning Service, Repair and Installation Marysville, Washington

C.M. Heating is one of the leading providers of air conditioning repair and air conditioning service in Marysville, WA, offering timely solutions to problems related to your air conditioning system. Our HVAC technicians will come to your rescue when you want emergency AC service or repair, or just need a hand with your residential or commercial cooling problems.

You'll find we take our job seriously and highly value the trust that is placed in us. C.M. Heating goes far beyond what others do by investing in the training and equipment necessary to protect your home or family in Marysville, WA. Whether you have a central AC system, Heat Pump or Ductless Mini Split we are here to help.

Customer stated that their AC Unit would was not cooling the upstairs of their home. Upon investigation, the technician found a leak in the evaporator coil.

Marysville, WA

The customer called in and explained that their AC was not cooling their home. Upon investigation, the technician found that the breaker was tripped due to the condensing unit. I found that the contactor is in rough shape and needs to be replaced, the outdoor coil is worn due to age. There is a possibility that there is a short or the compressor is in bad shape because shortly after resetting breaker, it tripped again. Due to the condition and age of unit, I recommend replacement over any repairs.

Marysville, WA

Customer has multiple ductless head units installed in his home and he says that the head unit in his bedroom has never cooled properly. Upon investigation, the technician found that there was an error code generated but home owner reset breaker and cleared memory. Home owner noticed Unit C not heating this winter but home owner has arthritis and likes to sleep cold so decided to never report issue to office. Now that summer has arrived cool mode also does not work and not home owner is reporting issue. The technician's diagnosis was there there were no error codes present and not able to duplicate but obvious issues w/ head unit C performance. After setting up D-checker and recording data with all 3 head units running for record I found that the magnetic EEV coil was not fully seated on port C which controll head unit C resulting in the unit in question to not properly meter refrigerant to head. -Repair: Pushed EEV coil on all the way to its fully seated position, reset unit and tested system again resulting in head unit C to begin working properly consistently. *added 12oz refrigerant while onsite during testing. All system parameters are operating properly now and all 3 head units are producing adequate temperatures.

Marysville, WA