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Tankless Water Heater Service Marysville, Washington

Tankless hot water heaters are excellent prodocts in Marysville, WA! But what do you do when they are not meeting your expectations?

Answer: you call C.M. Heating. We are extremely well equipped, stocked, and trained to solve your tankless hot water heating frustrations and keep your system in peak working order. C.M. Heating are the top tankless water heater professionals in Marysville, WA. We've seen the successes of tankless & solved the frustrations of customers who have endured the service of less qualified companies. We service, repair & provide warranty services on all tankless brands of tankless hot water heaters.

Call C.M. Heating to get the most of your tankless water heating system.

CM Heating Performed maintenance on tankless hot water heater and installed service valve to be able to flush heat exchangers. Vacuumed cleaned and hand wiped tankless both inside and out. Cleaned igniter tested components and sensor. All operations normal at this time. Coming back tomorrow to install new co alarm and Finnish furnace and fireplace maintenance.

Marysville, WA

Customer called and requested standard maintenance on their tankless water heater Performed maintenance on Gas furnace and tankless hot water heater. Tested all components sensors amp draws and meter reading cleaned vacuumed and hand wiped furnace inside and out cleaned burners tested flame sensor checked flu co. Cleaned water filter inlet checked fault code on Riannai exhaust restriction. Call tech support and found dip switch set wrong. Changed batteries in thermastat and replaced pleaded filter with new. All operations normal at this time.

Marysville, WA

Customer stated that their Rannai tankless water heater has been hutting itself off. Customer stated unit was showing a code 10 and sometimes they have a complete loss of hot water. I pulled van out to ensure no blockage or clogging advance. Pulled venting out all up to ceiling and cannot find any blockage. Hole in the screen house and verified it was clear of any blockage. Cleaned igniter and flame sensor to ensure proper flame rectification and ignition. Inspected burner box and did not find any excessive buildup. Performed maintenance on unit including tank flush gas and water pressure checks.Found excessive build up of carbon inside drain coming out of venting. Drain is not hooked up to anything and was blocked off by rubber Upon arrival. Unit needs to have a drain to drain excess conversation and prevent build up of carbon in the bri found excessive buildup of carbon inside drain coming out of venting. Drain is not hooked up to anything and was blocked off by rubber Upon arrival. Unit needs to have a drain to drain excess consultation and prevent build up of carbon and debris.Checked with manufacturing in regards to drain and a drain is required per manufacturers specifications for the unit to operate properly. Unit still may not function properly until drain is installed.

Marysville, WA

We performed a full Maintenance on the customer's Tankless Hot Water Heater.

Marysville, WA