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Air Conditioning Service, Repair and Installation Mill creek, Washington

C.M. Heating is one of the leading providers of air conditioning repair and air conditioning service in Mill creek, WA, offering timely solutions to problems related to your air conditioning system. Our HVAC technicians will come to your rescue when you want emergency AC service or repair, or just need a hand with your residential or commercial cooling problems.

You'll find we take our job seriously and highly value the trust that is placed in us. C.M. Heating goes far beyond what others do by investing in the training and equipment necessary to protect your home or family in Mill creek, WA. Whether you have a central AC system, Heat Pump or Ductless Mini Split we are here to help.

CM Heating performed a Furnace and ac in good working condition. Replaced filter, added condensate tabs. Inspected and cleaned components. Recommend cleaning outdoor coil. Also hot water tank is 19 years old, replace soon.

Mill Creek, WA

CM Heating Performed maintenance on AC unit. Check tolerance of consumable components, refrigerant level/pressure, air filter condition and the proper operations of the AC unit. Measurable specifications are all within manufacture design. Air cleaner was clean, no noted damage to fan blades and/or grills. All operations normal at this time.

Mill Creek, WA

CM Heating performed a furnace and AC maintenance. Furnace Maintenance - System is running well, all components are within manufacturer’s specifications. There was some signs of a water leak at the inducer connection so I placed silicone sealant to prevent further water damage. No issues at this time, recommend annual maintenance! A/C Maintenance - System is operational, all components are in good working order. The drain line has some build up but is still draining properly. I recommend adding a clear condensate trap to visually see when the build up is forming so that it can be cleared. I also placed a pan tablet in to break down blockage in line. No other issues at this time.

Mill Creek, WA

CM Heating Perform maintenance on a AH/AC.

Mill Creek, WA

CM Heating performed a Diagnostic on gas furnace and ac. Found the Liquid line limit popped. Reset the limit and system started running. Refrigerant pressures 113/244 4.4 SH/8.9 SC. LLT 73/SLT 41.9 degrees. Delta t is 21 degrees. Changed customer supplied filters. Checked all vents are open Ac is running at this time

Mill Creek, WA

CM Heating performed an AC diagnostic and found No cooling on arrival, found and replaced failed dual capacitor on air conditioner, system is running normal at this time

Mill Creek, WA

CM Heating performed Maintenance on gas furnace and air conditioner, cleaned burners and flame sensor, tested capacitors and motors, tested compressor, inspected electrical components and control board, tested gas pressure, checked temperature drop and rise, system is running normal at this time

Mill Creek, WA