Water Heater Service and Repair

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Water Heater Service and Repair Mill creek, Washington

C.M. Heating services and repairs all types of water heaters in Mill creek, WA. We specialize in tank and tankless hot water heaters. Our service technicians can diagnosis and repair your electric or gas water heaters promptly. We offer same day water heater service in Mill creek, WA.

Let us help you decide how best to solve your water heating problems. If repair is the best choice, C.M. Heating stocks the parts you need. If you need a new water heater in Mill creek, WA, we install a range of water heating systems.

CM heating performed furnace and water heater maintenance and Found systems functioning normally. Flame sensor, run cap and ignitor within range. Cleaned full cabinet and circuit board. Replaced filter. Hot water tank flushed. Verified no leaks in gas or water lines. Spark ignitor operations normal.

Mill Creek, WA

Customer called and said that their hot water tank is leaking into the garage. The technician cleaned out the condensate drain line, added anti fungus water treatment. Performed two test on condensate pump, clear fungus and corrected drain line to be more effective with draining condensation. Cleaned up water near unit. Recommend maintenance for heat and cooling side. Recommend condenser coil cleaning. All operations normal at this time.

Mill Creek, WA

CM Heating Performed a maintenance check on the hot water tank and gas furnace. Hot water tank is 18 yrs old with a life expectancy of about 12-15 years. Gas furnace is in proper working order. As we had talked about the possible wild fires smoke got circulate in the home heating system. My recommendation to improve healthier indoor air circulation is the air scrubber add on.

Mill Creek, WA