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Keeping Cool in Mountlake terrace, Washington

Ideally when it gets warm outside when you walk over to your thermostat and click cool you should be all set. But what can you do when you click cool and nothing happens, or warm air comes out of your ductwork rather than cool?

Call C.M. Heating. We have fully trained expert AC technicians that work in Mountlake terrace, WA all the time. We have the know-how, and the parts needed to get your air conditioning system back up to speed quickly.

Customer's air conditioning unit was not blowing cold air upon arrival. System had 15 PSI in system when gauges were connected. No refrigerant in system. Discovered schrader cores were possibly defective and replaced. Will need to come back out to pull vac and recharge. Technician performed a deep vacuum to 500 microns, system will not hold vacuum. Performed a leak check and could not detect. Leak is possibly in condenser or evaporator coil fins. James said to pull the plug and will talk with her mother about a new unit.

Mountlake Terrace, WA