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Mukilteo, Washington

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Mukilteo, Washington
CM Heating Completed Fireplace Maintenance, Discovered Flame From Pilot Was Not Touching The Thermocouple. The Thermocouple Is What Keeps The Pilot Lit, As Long As It Is Engulfed In The Pilot Flame. The Fact That The Pilot Was Still On Despite The Flame Not Touching The Thermocouple Indicates That The Gas Valve Is Sticking Open And Gas Would Continue To Leak Into Home Should The Pilot Flame Blow Out. Considering The Average Lifespan Of A Fireplace Is Around 15 To 20 Years, And This Fireplace Is From The Early 2000's Plus The Cost Of Repairs And The Condition Of The Current Fireplace, I Recommend Replacement Of Entire Fireplace Over Any Needed Repairs. Gas Valve Estimate Is For Price Reference And Not A Recommendation.
Mukilteo, WA