Water Heater Service and Repair

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Water Heater Service and Repair Seattle, Washington

C.M. Heating services and repairs all types of water heaters in Seattle, WA. We specialize in tank and tankless hot water heaters. Our service technicians can diagnosis and repair your electric or gas water heaters promptly. We offer same day water heater service in Seattle, WA.

Let us help you decide how best to solve your water heating problems. If repair is the best choice, C.M. Heating stocks the parts you need. If you need a new water heater in Seattle, WA, we install a range of water heating systems.

CM Heating drained and inspected a hot water tank. Old tank, recommend replacement before tank failure. Tested new furnace, everything in good working order. Changed filter. Recommend 4" filter change every 6-12 months

Seattle, WA

CM Heating y Performed maintenance on gas furnace heat pump and hot water heater. Tested all operations sensors capacitors amp draws on all motors and compressor. Added anti microbial capsule into condensation pump. Tested refrigerant levels drained sediment out of hot water tank. Tested TNP and expansion tank. Contactor on outdoor condenser is a little worn and initial amps on compressor is high recommend hard start kit to help out compressor. All operations normal at this time.

seattle, WA

CM Heating performed a furnace and hot water tank maintenance. Furnace all operations normal. Flame sensor, run cap, and igniter within range. Changed filter. Cleaned full cabinet and circuit board. Flushed hot water tank. Verified no leaks from the gas or water lines. Tank does not have PRV routed out to drain and does not have expansion tank. Quoted to replace tank from 2003.

seattle, WA