Furnace Service and Repair

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Furnace Repair in Shoreline, Washington

Is your heating system not working, or perhaps behaving a little differently? Have you noticed that your home in Shoreline, WA is not maintaining temperature properly and making funny noises?

If your gas furnace is not working call C.M. Heating now. We fix broken heating equipment all the time in Shoreline, WA. Or if your system is just getting old, or giving you reasons not to trust it any more let us know. We have many years of experience and we can help you make the right choices when it comes to your furnace system.

CM Heating Completed furnace diagnostic, found a potential bad control board. Pressure switch was getting correct voltage however control board is telling me its stuck closed. If I remove one of the wires from the pressure switch and then reconnect it, the pressure switch works indicating that it isn't stuck shut. Ordered both control board and pressure switch just in case.

Shoreline, WA

CM Heating performed a furnace Diagnostic - Upon investigation, I found that the flame sensor was dirty which caused the furnace to work intermittently. I pulled the flame sensor and cleaned it. Amber light on Rheem went from flashing to solid (good), all components are in working condition. No other issues at this time.

Shoreline, WA