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Snohomish, Washington

CM Heating Performed gas fireplace maintenance inspection on the upper and lower level fireplaces. Check safety switches, gas valve, pilot, gasket seal, burner assembly, and verified proper operations of the units. Verified co2 is properly exhausting through vents and took measurements of the levels. No emission entering the living space. Cleaned the firebox of dust/dirt, cleaned glass and added new embers. All operations normal and in safe working condition.

Snohomish, WA

CM Heating Completed fireplace diagnostic/maintenance. Found that the door switch was causing intermittent issues with the main switch. Corrected issue, fireplace now functioning properly. He age of the unit is of concern, average lifespan of a fireplace is around 15 to 20 years. However at the moment the fireplace is very clean and in good condition.

Snohomish, WA

CM Heating Completed fireplace diagnostic. Discovered a clogged pilot orifice, cleared orifice which helped however I noticed that there is quite a bit of air movement inside the fireplace causing the on demand pilot to initiate incorrectly. Placed pilot in standing pilot mode so it's always on, this should help with the intermittent operation. No other concerns at this time.

Snohomish, WA

CM Heating Completed fireplace diagnostic, found a clog in the pilot hood orifice. Cleared out clogged. Beyond that, the thermostat seems to be working intermittently. I changed the batteries however it didn't seem to change anything. Recommend replacement of thermostat. Otherwise unit seems to be working correctly at this time.

Snohomish, WA

CM Heating performed a Maintenance on fireplace. Working normally at this time. Maintenance on furnace. Checked burners and flame sensor. Took delta t and checked filter. Took amp draws of the motors. Visually inspected the control board and blower assembly. Tested the igniter. Furnace is running properly at this time

Snohomish, WA