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Everett is our home town. Since our founding in 1983, we’ve been providing high-quality heating and air conditioning services to Everett homeowners and business owners alike.

From nearby our north end office and showroom along Broadway to Silver Lake or around Paine Field, we’ve installed and serviced hearth products, central heating and cooling, and mini-split systems to hundreds of our neighbors.

We have been a proud member of the Better Business Bureau since 2002. Because of our long and exemplary service to Everett and the surrounding area we have earned the best possible rating of A+.
CM Heating id your local Everett HVAC expert.
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4.9/ 5

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Providing a safe, comfortable, reliable and healthy environment for your home or business in Everett requires knowledge and the local experience only years or work along the Puget Sound can give.

CM Heating specializes in the systems you needed to overcome the particular challenges of our beautiful local seaside city.

CM Heating Furnace Services


We have a lot of cold damp days in Everett. And being along the Puget Sound, heating appliances need to be properly selected and properly maintained to ensure reliable efficient operation.

We feature American Standard gas furnaces, a national leader HVAC technology.

If you need a new gas furnace for your Everett home or business, our system specialists have the experience to help you choose the best system.

If you’re having heating problems, our factory-trained and licensed service techs can help regardless of the make or model of your current equipment.

Click here for a list of some of the feedback we’ve reviewed for our furnace work in Everett.

Learn more about our furnace installation, repair, and maintenance for American Standard, and all other furnace brands offered in northwestern Washington State.

CM Heating Heat Pump Services

Central Heat Pumps

Our electricity provider in Everett is Snohomish PUD, and the electricity they provide is 98% carbon-free! Modern central heat pumps are efficient and are virtually emission-free clean and efficient energy.

If you are considering a replacement system, or a system for new construction a new high-efficiency heat pump from American Standard is a great choice.

Current heat pump technology can effectively heat and cool year-round in Everett, and Snohomish PUD has great incentives to go green with a new heat pump.

If you have an existing heat pump (and we service all brands), our EPA certified service technicians have the know-how to diagnose your system, and the parts that are likely needed to get your system back up and running fast.

We have installed a lot of American Standard heat pumps in Everett. Click here to take a look at jobs near you in Everett.

To learn more about our full heat pump services click here.

CM Heating AC Services

Central Air Conditioners

Because of our proximity to Puget Sound, it does not get super hot in Everett. However, on those summer days when the temperature creeps up into the 80’s an efficient AC system is key for your home or business.

It not only keeps you cool but can also dry out that humid air and keep you comfortable by filtering out pollen, dust, and mold.

Our air conditioning techs are EPA certified. At CM Heating, we stress the details.

There are particular details that you should consider when considering HVAC equipment in Everett.

The salt air and our unique climate offer challenges to long equipment life. We make sure that your AC system is properly sized and properly installed with good tight duct systems.

We feature American Standard air conditioning, which is an industry leader in technology and reliability.

If you are considering a new central air conditioning system for your home or business call us. If you need service on your existing system, regardless of brand, we can help. Our AC service vans are fully stocked and we will be able to you system back into top shape quickly.

To take a look at some of our AC work in Everett click here. To learn more about all of our air conditioning services click here.

CM Heating Mini-Split Services

Mini Splits Heat Pumps

A great new technology that you should consider is mini-split heat pumps. Snohomish PUD in Everett is the local power company and the electricity they provide is 98% carbon-free!

Mini-split heat pumps have been used for decades throughout the world, and in recent years have become very popular here in Everett.

They are flexible, with a number of indoor unit configurations and system capacities. And you can zone mini-splits so that you only condition the parts of your home or business that you're using now.

At CM Heating we proudly feature Mitsubishi Mini-Split Systems. They are the industry leader and they have proven performance right here on Puget Sound. Learn more about mini-split technology click here.

To properly service mini-split heat pumps you have to have proper training and the right parts and tools. Our factory training EPA certified service technicians have the training to ensure that you get the most from your mini-split heat pump. If you have a service issue we can help regardless of brand.

Click here to check out a list of the mini-split systems we have worked on in Everett.

CM Heating Hearth Services

Hearth Products

Gas fireplaces are a beautiful addition to your decor and are an efficient heat source in Everett.

They also allow you to heat the spaces you regularly use and turn down the thermostat in unused areas. This helps increase your comfort while decreasing overall energy use.

Also, gas fireplaces do not require power to operate so they can give you peace of mind in knowing that you’ll stay warm even if the power goes out.

For a list of feedback, we’ve received from our Everett gas fireplace customers click here. Too learn more about all of our hearth services and look at examples of our beautiful gas fireplaces in Everett click here.

Napoleon Fireplaces

Attractive energy programs are provided by our local utilities that can help you understand your equipment choices and pay for more efficient heating and air conditioning system in Everett:

Electricity Provider in Everett: Snohomish PUD

Natural Gas Provider in Everett: Puget Sound Energy

Permitting, Licensing and Insurance: We are licensed and insured to do business in Everett:

General Contracting License: CMHEAI*095R4

Electrical License: CMHEAMH877DN

We also work closely with the City of Everett when permitting is required for the installation of new equipment or electrical work. For information on City or Everett permitting click here.

L.D from Everett, WA
January 5, 2017

I've worked with CM Heating several times over the years for gas fireplace inserts, furnace checks and most recently, a furnace replacement. As always, they were very professional, prompt and made the process easy. Even with a minor miscommunication of costs, the company stood by their word. I am thankful to have CM Heating available and will rely on their expertise, efficiency and reliability in the future.

D.M from Everett, WA
January 2, 2017

Here's a shout-out for CM Heating and their tech Robert. I have been without a working furnace this winter, using my fireplace as heat, but was concerned about the predicted temps in the teens at night. I called CM Heating and made an appointment. On the day of my scheduled appointment, the tech, Robert, called to say that he would arrive shortly and he did. He was prompt, professional and friendly. I had visions of a huge repair bill and maybe a new furnace installation. He did a complete diagnosis and had my furnace running in short order. Robert explained what he was doing and what he found to be the problem. All I was charged was the service charge and for new filter. I also purchased the one-year maintenance agreement with CM Heating. I am elated with the service I received from CM Heating and the very professional and friendly Service Technician Robert. I am a very satisfied and happy customer of CM Heating. Do yourself and your furnace a favor and contact CM Heating for your piece of mind.

December 29, 2016

Dear CM Heating,

Congratulations for putting together a most wonderful crew of service workers. I was so impressed with your sales manager, Rusty. He was so enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and confident. He was followed by Kevin, the measuring man. I was off to a good start.

Then I met Brian and Wayne. There was no doubt that they knew exactly what they were doing. I was in the hand of real furnace experts.

If I had any apprehension about someone going into my attic or crawl space, by now I knew just to trust Josh (so polite) and singing Justin who rigged up a clever way for the water to go outside my house instead of into the crawlspace.

Who knew installing a furnace had anything to do with electricity? I can hardly begin to think about any wiring in my house. It's old and it scares me. In comes Cory and Evan. Cory is so smart and smooth, miraculously he made me feel ok about my wiring. That put the finishing touches on my satisfaction and admiration for CM Heating. I'll be glad to recommend your company to my family and friends!

J.B from Everett, WA
December 27, 2016

Scott from CM Heating was just here to fix my gas fireplace. He was very thorough in explaining where the problem was and did an outstanding job fixing it. He was also extremely nice. I'd highly recommend CM Heating!

. from everett, WA
December 8, 2016

We just had to leave a review on our positive experience. We had John L from CM come out today, not only was he on time, but fixed our fireplace, serviced it, and cleaned it better than we've seen in years. He gave us some great tips, and was very professional. Super pleased, highly recommend these folks. The communications and use of technology for customer service is top notch as well. Thank you! 

. from everett, WA
December 6, 2016

CM Heating provided excellent customer service on our newly installed gas fireplace. In addition Kyle their service tech did an outstanding job identifying issues with our home furnace and made the necessary repairs quickly and efficiently.

. from everett, WA
December 3, 2016

Agent came and cleared up several questions we had about our system and determined some concerns were not related to our oil furnace which has been serviced previously by CM Heating. He was polite and suggested possible solutions to our worries. We are grateful for his help.

L.D from Everett, WA
November 29, 2016

I met with Rusty at the Everett Home Show and after talking with him decided to get a quote. Rusty came to our house was very informative and my husband liked him. He is in the construction trade so he is really picky with who he hires for work at our house. Everything went as stated and the installers - Wayne, Justin and Kevin were very courteous and respectful of our home. They explained everything they were doing and explained exactly how the new furnace and air condition units would work. I would recommend CM Heating for your furnace needs. Thank you for all your professionalism.

R.P from Everett, WA
November 21, 2016

I recently brought CM in to a major mess at a mobile home in Bothell. It is a heat pump that had not been serviced in 16 years and the exchange was completely plugged with animal hair. Personally I would have had to either walk away or call in to have CM renegotiate the service call. Not Scott. He realized that the home owner was working with very limited funds and just got to work. Having worked with CM for a long time I know what is included on a standard service call.. Not this. Scott was a blur working at double speed. That call didn't make Scott or CM any extra money up front but was good will that can't be bought. As a result, even my wife is involved recommending CM to anyone she knows that is in need of HVAC work. Thanks Scott!

R.P from Everett, WA
November 21, 2016

A little late with this review.:) Tom was here for the first of our split maint. agreement. Just like the others that have been here this past year he is professional, represents CM as a top rate company, organized and a get it done person. Thanks CM for making the changes you have and hiring a great bunch of people to represent you!