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R96V Prestige 96% Two Stage Gas Furnaces

The EcoNet™ Enabled Rheem R96V Prestige™ Series Gas Furnace is ENERGY STAR® qualified' offering one of the highest efficiencies available today. Monthly utility bills go down' and you stay comfortable all year long.

  • Premium Comfort We’ve improved airflow' which means you get fewer cold spots and better overall indoor air quality during every season
  • Maximum Efficiency A 96% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) guarantees this gas furnace makes the most of every drop of fuel.
  • Exceptional Quality & Reliability Our Prestige Series Gas Furnace is designed with the exclusive PlusOne™ Ignition System' the most reliable system on the market today.
  • EcoNet™ This innovative technology allows you to control your comfort from home or away.
  • Two-Stage Operation Provides superior comfort by knowing when to switch into high gear' so there is no need for you to adjust the thermostat.
  • Variable-Speed ECM Motor Uses less energy than a single-stage motor. It’s engineered for better dehumidification' which provides you with better indoor air quality.
  • 4 way multi-position design
MODELConfigurationInput MBtuHOutput MBtuHAFUECFMDimensions
R96VA-0604 Way
56.0 53.8 96.0 1050 34x17.5x29.6 128
R96VA-0704 Way
70.0 67.2 96.0 1050 34x17.5x29.6 132
R96VA-0854 Way
84.0 80.6 96.0 1750 34x21x29.6 148
R96VA-1004 Way
98.0 94.0 96.0 1750 34x21x29.6 152
R96VA-1154 Way
112.0 107.5 96.0 1750 34x24.5x29.6 165
R96VA-0404 Way
42.0 40.3 96.0 1050 34x17.5x29.6 128

Warranty Information

  • All Parts for 120 months -
  • Heat Exchanger - Limited Lifetime
  • All Parts - Limited lifetime unit replacement

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