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"Thank you Richard and Cody, you went above and beyond with great service!"
R . O from Mukilteo, WA on November 29th, 2018
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"We had a wonderful experience with CM Heating. We had a frustrating and complicated issue with a fireplace sold to us by a different company. Every single person we worked with at CM Heating was cheerful and helpful. The customer service was top notch! They had our new fireplace installed in less than two weeks. John, Richard & Cody did an amazing job with the installation!"
A . C from Everett, WA on November 29th, 2018
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"Unbelievable customer service! It started with getting a new water heater installed by them in Sept 2018. They dealt with last minute changes when I decided to go from a tankless water heater to a normal gas tank water heater. Seth did a great job with that and it works great. Then when my furnace went out on the weekend a month later in November, Krispin showed up and spend over an hour diagnosing and getting it back working and because I was had their club membership (free of charge from the water heater purchase), it only cost me $50 for that service call. Then I decided to just get a new gas furnace and AC unit before the furnace went out for the winter, and after getting several bids, CM Heating matched the lowest bid (apples to apples). Shawn was very patient with me and was great to work with through the bidding process. Once I decided on CM Heating and moved forward, their crew that came to install my furnace and AC unit did a fantastic job especially with everything that happened. Nick and Jimmy spent the whole day (about 12 hours) getting both the furnace and AC installed. They were always positive even with me poking around and asking questions non-stop. The next day, William came by to install a new thermostat and to upgrade the furnace appropriately so everything could communicate well with the thermostat which was needed due to complications with the equipment and they took care of everything and didn't charge me extra. I'm sure they actually lost money on my project because they treat customer service seriously. I don't think I'll ever switch to another HVAC company while I'm in the area. They have proven their ability and customer obsession. Thank you."
R . H from Bothell, WA on November 29th, 2018
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"Very helpful, trustworthy, informative."
J . A from Mukilteo, WA on November 29th, 2018
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"CM Heating just installed a new heat pump and new furnace for our house. They did a great job: fast install, expert workers, very professional and everything was cleaned up perfectly. They are very reliable and handled all steps so the process was easy for us."
J . M from Kirkland, WA on November 29th, 2018
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"CM installed my heat pump about 2.5 years ago. It’s run like a dream since then. My monthly heating bill went from $350+ for my 1800sf home to just about $75. I recently ran into some issues with the thermostat and the outdoor unit, as well as an electrical issue with my panel. Kevin, Beau, and James all took excellent care of my home and were able to solve the problem. Great customer service. 10/10. I highly recommend them without any reservation!"
A . L from Bothell, WA on November 29th, 2018
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"“I am totally satisfied. All of the guys were awesome today. Very very satisfied. I’ve had the system going since they left, and I fell asleep on my chair--that’s just awesome! I’m just really pleased with your workers and everything. It was just a really wonderful experience all around, and I can’t say enough how extremely satisfied I am!”"
K . P from Stanwood, WA on November 29th, 2018
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"I don’t like writing reviews but there is always an exception and this is one of them.Everybody is going to tell you that their product is the best and they feel very strong and believe in their product as being the best, all of them try to sell me something extra that wasn’t needed like extra air filter cavity. What they don’t tell you is that it really doesn’t matter what brand you decide to go for, the installation is the critical part that will determine the life of the product. They all give you 10 years of guarantee on parts but not labor, labor can be really expensive and most people get scammed because they don’t know anything about A/C and if he is telling the truth or not. CM heating was the only one that gave me 10 years parts and labor, and they are the ones that usually come out the next day to do the repairs themselves so there is no hassle about pay. They took care of everything no money up front.John was a great person to work with and very knowledgeable , I also noticed that he personally answered every single review himself if it was good or bad, on Angie’s list, yelp it didn’t matter he personally answered every single review and offered solutions to all of them. No other company did this, it was always answered by a different sales rep in the customer service department that had no idea who you are. He also knew every single customer personally, if you buy a product from CM I guarantee you he will come out personally to meet you get to know you to find the best product for your needs that will work with your budget he also doesn’t try to over sell you. I asked to buy a different more expensive product thinking that it would perform a lot better but he said I didn’t needed that product, he would be happy to sell me the more expensive product he but the one he suggested would work just as good or better, and that If I still wasn’t happy with it he would come out and swap it. Also I don’t know why but that guy gives out his personal phone number so you can call him any time even if he is on vacation he will answer your text or call… crazy. He also help me with the financing part and actually lowered my APR even more than what the bank offered me and thanks to him I was able to get a heat pump instead of just the A/C for the same monthly payment.My Heat pump was installed during summer, by winter it needed some adjustment on the Freon, I guess this is very common due to the climate at time of installation, I texted John, he texted me right back and sent me a personal video right then from his house and showed me step by step how to start the emergency heat, they came out the very next day to fix it, I knew the repair man so it wasn’t someone new that I never met before entering my house. I met him the same day John came out to introduce himself and his product. I guess they are so unique that they like it when their crew meet their customers.I’m not getting paid to write this or force to, I hate writing reviews but when a person goes out of his way to make sure that you are being taking care of and you are happy with your product!!!! They deserves some recognition. Buy your A/C with whoever you feel most comfortable or cheap, but just make sure he stands behind his product so much that he will give you his personal cell phone number to answer you personally no matter where he is at or what time, also having the confidence that no stranger is coming to your house to fix it. (Loosing heat on your house on a very cold day is horrible.)"
J . L from Everett, WA on November 28th, 2018
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"I tell ya when I need help with our Pellet Stove “Thank Goodness For CM Heating” Not only are they the few that still work on the pellet stove they get you a technician out to you as soon as possible!! They are efficient &friendly&do excellent work !!My husband & Myself Highly Recommend them!’😊"
D . M from Everett, WA on November 27th, 2018
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"I had C.M. Heating out to clean and service my pellet stove. Michael was the repair man and he was polite and did the work and cleaned up ever thing nicely when he was done. If I need more service on my pellet stove I will call them again."
V . N from Lynnwood, WA on November 27th, 2018
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