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"Yet again, you sent me a spectacular service person. This is the second time. This is the second time Drew showed up. He is so nice and really knows what he is doing and explains things so well. So it wasn't an accident the first time. You're the best! P.S. As I am writing this, I saw your muscle man TV commercial!!"
B . S from Everett, WA on April 12th, 2017
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"I felt completely comfortable with the way Brian and the "J's" (his 2 crew guys). They were courteous and explained all they were doing. They covered everything and upon completion of their work, cleaned the area as if they had never been there. Thus, all I had to do was admire their work on my furnace after they had gone. Thank you so much for sending such efficient, yet polite workers. "
P . F from Everett, WA on April 11th, 2017
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"Our less than year old heat pump needed a repair under the warranty period. Drew from CM Heating was at our door to diagnosis and fix the problem. He did a fantastic, thorough job and we're back in business. He explained exactly what he was doing and why it took as long as it did. I'm convinced the time he spent replacing our "reversing valve" will make sure it functions trouble free in the future. His focus was not on quickly leaving to get on to the next job but to do this repair the best way he can. As a customer you can't ask for anything more from your repair company. Thank you Drew and CM heating."
R . M from Snohomish, WA on April 6th, 2017
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"Scott Kovar arrived today, Tues, March 21, 2017, within the specified time frame (10AM - Noon), and completed the annual maintenance on the gas furnace (purchased from CM Heating in the past 10 (?) years. He was dressed in clean clothes with CM Heating name and logo, was very pleasant and competent, and completed the maintenance checkup in an efficient and timely fashion Scott reviewed the servicing procedures with me, reminded me to use my 20% off discount card which resulted in a fee that was within my budget estimates for this service. Scott also reviewed two thermostats and prices which included labor and materials. Scott is one of two of the best CM Service people that I have ever had service my furnace. Thank you very much."
V . P from Shoreline, WA on March 21st, 2017
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"Eventually fixed the fireplace after 3 times trying to diagnose and find the right part to fit. I had to stay home three separate times from my job to make sure he could get the job done right. After the final time the fan on my stove suddenly stopped working a day later. "
R . L from Arlington, WA on March 20th, 2017
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"Hello Sir, We apologize that we did not deliver 5-star service to you. Our records indicate that the first time we were out, the flame would not hold. We replaced a thermopile (which was not a stock item) and returned on a different day to install this component. After which we discovered that the flame would still not hold, and it was determined tat the gas valve was bad (the functionality of the gas valve cannot be tested without confirming that the thermocouple/thermopile are working correctly, as they fail more frequently). We then returned on a Saturday (a day we normally do not operate) to perform the gas valve repairs. Please let us know if this does not match your records. We also see that we offered to come back out on at no charge when you had reported that the blower stopped working. It does not appear that we touched the blower when we were performing the other repairs, but certainly agree that the timing seems suspicious. We received an email from you yesterday to not worry about sending a technician out. If there is anything we could have done to improve our service or your experience, please let us know as we certainly want to ensure that each of our customers enjoys a positive and productive experience with us. Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback, sir!"
- C.M. Heating
"We needed a heat pump in our home, so we got quotes from a couple companies. CM had very competitive pricing as well as a couple of layout options for the system. It took less than ten days for them to return to install everything. I had a baby in the meantime, and they were very sensitive to the fact that we had a newborn in the house, along with a recovering mother and two new grandmothers. Brian, Justin and Josh were quiet(as much as possible), clean, courteous, and quick. They set the system to a certain temperature and it has not wavered. It's also a very quiet machine! The dogs used to bark at our heater turning on, it sounded like a door shutting. Now we can barely notice it turn on. "
C . K from Lynnwood, WA on March 16th, 2017
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"6 March 17TO: CM HEATING 1415 Broadway Everett, WA 98201FROM: Pete Croot and Liz 17329 17th Ave W. Lynnwood, WA 98037 (206) 819-7100SUBJECT: Furnace Purchase, Install, and Customer Service.1. RUSTY: Our furnace decided to go on vacation 9 Feb 17. I had used CM previously, so I gave them a call. I called at 0730 and Merrideth, the dispatcher, made an appointment between noon and two THAT DAY! I found out that Rusty was coming..He arrived on time and had a bunch of knowledge we needed. He understood that I had been a contractor and I had worked in both a Plumbing Shop and a Sheet metal shop for my Father (albeit I was old school then-i.e. I poured a ton of lead and okum DWV Pipe in the late "60's).However, my "Only Other" did not enjoy that knowledge. She asked questions that never occured to me, and I used to sell them as a kid. Rusty was patient, complete with her answers and we found what we wanted and needed. He spent about 2 1/2 hours with us. We even recieved a signed contract from Rusty and a date for installation.As we had been using our fireplace for heat, he made arrangements for several space heaters to help warm our 3400sq ft home. They arrived the later that day with Kevin. In addition to the furnace, we also purchased a smart thermostat more about that later (all GOOD-ultimately). Rusty also knocked off $800+ dollars we spent 3 weeks early, for a new fan for the old furnace.2. KEVIN-was the Installer Foreman. I spent about an hour with him and we figured out the venting, egress and ingress, the NEW style Stack and the necessary condensation pump discharge. He was quick, complete and he had our space heaters. Unfortunately, we could not get furnace installed until the following Wednesday.3. KEVIN, EVAN, and CORY-the "INSTALLERS" rolled in about 30 min EARLY! As you may imagine the coffee was all ready ON! Kevin was there to run any needed parts. Evan and Cory walked the area, rolled down carpet protectors and began dismanteling the old furnace. They were on that and installing the new furnace, rerouting the Natural Gas hot water tank and running all the pipe and vents. We shared lunch with them tho Kevin left, as there was nothing more he needed to accomplish. Cory set up the Smart thermostat. Then Merideth called and said that "Drew" would be there tomorrow to do a vent check required by Snohomish County to approve the final Permit (which CM did all the work necessary for the permit and left it near my new furnace). She was very pleasent and we even had some fun. And of course I completely forgot to mention "Smart" thermostat.5. DREW-show'd up and CM again was about 30 min early. By now my "Only Other" and I we're basking in 70 degree heat, it was Heavenly. Drew, as it appears ALL CM employees do, was respectful, honest and very quick at his craft. We found out that the tin work in our home was typical of homes built in the 60's so it had a catostrophic fail in the "vent" check. Good news is, it did not matter, as it was NOT a fail for the permit. When he was done, we asked him if he knew anything about our Smart Thermostat. He said he would try. About 20min later he was unsucceseful however. Now the thermostat on the wall was fine. The one for our phones not so much. Drew was headed to his next job. Then Merrideth called. She said the Sno Cty Inspector was going to be there tomorrow (22 Feb 17) sometime between midnight last night and the following midnight. I have dealt with the permit folks personally and those I worked with are awesome; the county actual not so much. However we had a lot of fun making comments about Government workers (I retirered out of the Army 20 years ago-I WAS ONE!). She then threw Drew into the fire and said he would be back a 0900 the next morning. 6. BRIAN-the Final Inspector on the furnace job called my cell and said he would be there in 15 min. He was there in 7! I immediatley recognized him as MY Intermediate inspector for my shop. It took him about 10 minutes to sign off on the furnace and then he wanted to see the shop progress. We walked it and then he went on his way. Drew showed up about 0930.7. DREW point 2-He came WITH the Owners Manual for the Thermostat. It took him about 10 minutes to fix it to our satisfaction. Apparently some "one" plugged the thermostat into the Modem and not into the Router. Also, the Honeywell Owners Manual (some neccessary document) was NOT LEFT at the house, and it should have been. Drew promised to mail it to us. If we HAD, had it, we could have figured it out {Note to Cory(G)} had PICTURES!!!! CM HEATING-I just wish there was a number HIGHER than "5" to rate them. Prompt; Respectful (to us and our home); Quick; excellent Value; Pleasant people; Clean and they answers questions so WE chose the best way to complete our job. Liz and I cannot thank you enough....CM HEATING ROCKS!!! Pete Croot and Liz Van Gordon"
P . C from Mill Creek, WA on March 6th, 2017
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"i was vary happy with all aspects of the service i received from cm heating. The serviceman was vary courteous,knolable"
W . W from Everett, WA on March 1st, 2017
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"I couldn't be happier with my service from CM Heating. I have an older free-standing gas fireplace that would intermittently self extinguish. Jesse diagnosed a simple problem that involved no costs for parts and did a maintenance cleaning. The unit is running perfectly and looks better than ever after his cleaning. I really appreciated his honesty and professionalism. He was a pleasure to work with. I've used CM in the past and have always been happy with their work. I highly recommend them."
B . W from Everett, WA on February 27th, 2017
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"CM Heating installed a gas fireplace insert into our home and the finished installation exceeded our expectations. Simply fantastic! Harold bid the job, Corry and his son did the electrical installation and John L did the mechanical installation. The real challenge with this project was the integration of the insert into the massive stone wall. The solution was a custom modification of the manufacturers’ surround. John L and John G worked closely with my husband on the design, produced a template to validate the design then returned to their shop to do the metal work and finishes. The fireplace insert fit incredibly well and looks amazing! We have no hesitancy in referring CM Heating and plan to have them back soon for the next fireplace installation! "
A . C from Everett, WA on February 26th, 2017
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