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"This company is shady and will quote you one price and then email your spouse a different price with instructions to sign it and get it back to them immediately. They do not honor the rebate that is offered thru PUD and if you give them a deposit to lock you in at the price they quote you at the time of their visit to your home good luck getting it back. "
C . M from , WA on June 17th, 2019
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"Hello Poster, This information doesn't sound like an experience has through our company. We've been PUD's #1 contractor for over 4 years, and they audit our business practices. Our standings on the list are wholly predicated on honoring the rebate. Furthermore, we are repaid the rebate amount by PUD. There is no reason for us to not honor a rebate. Additionally, we've been finalists in the BBB's Business of the Year category 2 years in a row (nominated for a 3rd time this year), and they also audit our business practices. This sounds like a misunderstanding, and we'd love the opportunity to get things cleared up for you. Every transaction we perform is covered under a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If we've done something wrong, we will make it right. Unfortunately, your post was left anonymously and we have no means of contacting you to help. Please contact our owner at and we will get this straightened out for you. Thank you!"
- C.M. Heating
"3 weeks of waiting patiently for their estimator to get me a new estimate. 2 text msg's and a phone call to CM offices finally got his attention. He gave me a song and dance about how the summer heat is slowing him down. Then he says, his original estimate from March 2015 included discounts because he thought we'd be buying a furnace. We don't need a furnace but we need duct work and a gas water heater. He promised an estimate that night...crickets. Now I'm 3 weeks behind in getting this work done by professionals. If the Summer heat is slowing you down, perhaps it's time to get out of the kitchen. I'm moving on and looking for someone who wants to work. CM, you've done nothing to earn my business and when I need a new furnace I'll get it from someone else. You should be ashamed of such poor customer service. "
D . B from Marysville, WA on August 19th, 2015
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"Dear Valued Customer,

We are very sorry to have left you with a poor impression of our company. This estimate was originally provided to you in March of 2015. Due to fluctuations in the market, our invoices are printed with a disclaimer at the bottom which states that proposals are good for 30 day s from the point of submission. For the sake of customer service, we normally honor our proposals well after that point. In this particular case, the initial proposal was submitted with a bundled discount if ducting, gas piping, and furnace replacement were going to be completed at the same time. This price discount reflects a savings of labor and travel required by CM Heating to complete the work in one trip. We continued to follow up with you from March 2015 thru May of 2015, at which point during our last communication you stated you were still not ready and it may be some time before you would be continuing with the project. Due to a very high volume of calls, we elected to keep the proposal open but discontinue active follow up on the matter until we heard from you to continue. We then heard back late July/Early August (approx. five months after the initial proposal) inquiring about an alteration of the scope of work. Unfortunately, it seems at this point we did not communicate with you to your satisfaction.
This hot summer season created record business for the industry in the Puget Sound, and peak-period average waiting times for receiving an estimate were 2-3 weeks, with an additional 3-5 to schedule an installation. PUD even became so backlogged with inspections for HVAC systems, that they advised all PUD registered contractors that their own schedules were delayed up to an additional 2 weeks. While we believe these waiting periods help to explain why it was difficult to revise your bid from earlier in the year when some of the parameters were no longer fresh, we do agree that it does not excuse the lack of communication on our end. For that, we sincerely apologize.

We would like to express that this is not typical of our company. We are currently the highest reviewed company in the state and take customer satisfaction and our reputation very seriously. In fact, when you cancelled with us and contacted Contractor Hotline (a third party referral service, wholly independent of CM Heating) for a recommendation, we were the very first company they called to get this work done for you. They had no background information on this situation, but are held in the highest regard by their service because we have always followed through.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience. Please feel free to contact us any time if we can be of further assistance.


- C.M. Heating
"I called for a technician to come out to fix our furnace on a Monday, I was told the earliest appointment would be Thursday and I would be out between 10-2. Today is the day they were to come out, I received a call at 1:30 letting me know the technician is running behind and won't be able to get here until about 3pm. I have waited all day at home for them to come out and a half hour before I am told I need to wait another hour and a half... The person I spoke with did not apologize for the inconvenience, I find this to be rude and poor customer service. I do not often write reviews, but when my day has been wasted and I don't even get an apology I feel I need to make a statement, not only for future customers- but so that CM Heating can work on their customer service and not lose more business in the future for such a mistake. "
A . R from Lake Stevens, WA on October 2nd, 2014
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"We are extremely sorry to read this review. Management identified the situation very shortly after the call was made and prior to our awareness of this review. Unfortunately, the sudden change in temperature has caused an increase in the time required to diagnose and repair issues we encounter in the field. This increase is partially responsible for our technician being behind on this day. That being said, we do acknowledge that the timing of our call to let our customer know we were running behind was less than optimal. We also acknowledge that we did not apologize for the inconvenience initially. Management called the customer less than 20 minutes after our initial call, but the customer was unfortunately unavailable. Management apologized profusely and offered a greatly discounted service for a technician that would have been available within 20 minutes of the call. Should the customer afford us the opportunity to serve them, we will gladly honor this discount and ensure an appointment time that will not be inconvenient for the customer. CM Heating has taken pride in maintaining quality services at the peak of our industry, and our commitment to customer service has allowed us to grow year over year and serve our community for over 30 years. We believe our reviews and reputation reflect this. On behalf of CM Heating, the service department would like to extend its sincerest apologies for this situation to our valued customer. Please do not hesitate to call and speak to the service manager should you still desire the service at a greatly discounted rate."
- C.M. Heating
"We were charged $90 to evaluate our water heater, and then they never called us with a quote on the repairs. We called them and were told they did not want to do the work. Pretty good scam going there, charging people $90 for a 20 minute appointment and then saying sorry, we won't help you, plus wasted 2 days of our time. We immediately called a reputable water heater company who came out that day and did the work. $90 for nothing but wasting our time. "
M . C from Woodinville, WA on April 4th, 2014
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"We are very sorry to see this review. The account of what happened is quite different than our understanding of the situation. Below is our record of what occurred. Our technician went to the customers residence to diagnose a water leaking issue with a gas hot water heater. The tech found that the leak was caused by a small hole in the plastic drain spigot. This part was covered under warranty, but had no labor warranty. He also found the unit was sitting on a wood platform that was sagging under the weight of the tank due to water damage. The service tech felt at that time that the unit was unsafe to work on and referred the issue to the service manager. The service manager contacted the homeowner to discuss the issue. Initially CM Heating was not wanting to continue with this repair due to the condition of the platform and its possible effects to the integrity of the tank. We were planning to return the diagnostic charge and ask them to contact another company. Mr. Cs response to this was that he was having trouble finding other companies to do the work, so we agreed to do the work to help when others would not. Mr. C offered to drain and remove the hot water tank from the platform, then make any necessary repairs to the platform. He then would obtain the warranty part from Sears before calling us to come back to complete the repairs. That was the last contact we had with Mr. C. Two additional calls have been placed with no response, and it appears the person who left this review is not someone with whom we have had any contact. If the customer is willing to help clarify this situation and wishes to receive a refund we will provide one immediately. We work very hard to treat everyone fairly and resolve any concern as quickly as possible. If a mistake has been made we will do our best to correct it right away."
- C.M. Heating
"Made an appointment and they never showed up. No phone call to explain either. Took time off work for nothing. Very disappointed!!!! "
s . b from Everett, WA on November 4th, 2013
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"We are very sorry about this situation. Our technician was running behind and he must not have called until after the appointment window. Our policy is to call and inform the customer as soon as we know we are running behind but this was clearly not done in this case. The information we received was that he did call and he did show up but he was late. We apologize for the inconvenience we caused and are happy to offer the scheduled service free of charge if it is still desired."
- C.M. Heating