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"Thank you for scheduling a quick appointment when our hot water tank had a gas leak. That is where my satisfaction ended. After being told the estimate was high because of your great service, the earthquake straps were incorrectly installed and pipes were not insulated. We failed the inspection by the city. The poor technician that finally made it to our house at 6:30 and stayed until 8:30, changed the temperature to low resulting in a very cold shower. These issues I attribute to poor training on the part of management. Get it together and train your technicians to do things right the first time and get the boss off their back end so their staff is not working 12 hour days to the point they make mistakes. I would think after a service call a technician would have been trained to make sure everything was back in order. I would hesitate to use your company again. Fingers crossed we pass the next inspection..I have my doubts. "
D . M from , WA on December 9th, 2018
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"Paid 200.00 to do Maintenance on Fireplace and look at issue with Fire Place shutting down. After the Maintenance was still shutting down Called CM heating back Tech said it was the Switch or wiring and wanted $80.00 to rep[lace. I found that when I open the bottom swing down cover that there was a ton of dust in there, The Tech never cleaned out this I blew out this dust with a Can of Compress air and have not had any issues since. For $200 for Maintenance I feel this should have done by the Tech that came Out.. "
R . D from Bothell, WA on November 19th, 2018
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"Eventually fixed the fireplace after 3 times trying to diagnose and find the right part to fit. I had to stay home three separate times from my job to make sure he could get the job done right. After the final time the fan on my stove suddenly stopped working a day later. "
R . L from Arlington, WA on March 20th, 2017
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"Hello Sir, We apologize that we did not deliver 5-star service to you. Our records indicate that the first time we were out, the flame would not hold. We replaced a thermopile (which was not a stock item) and returned on a different day to install this component. After which we discovered that the flame would still not hold, and it was determined tat the gas valve was bad (the functionality of the gas valve cannot be tested without confirming that the thermocouple/thermopile are working correctly, as they fail more frequently). We then returned on a Saturday (a day we normally do not operate) to perform the gas valve repairs. Please let us know if this does not match your records. We also see that we offered to come back out on at no charge when you had reported that the blower stopped working. It does not appear that we touched the blower when we were performing the other repairs, but certainly agree that the timing seems suspicious. We received an email from you yesterday to not worry about sending a technician out. If there is anything we could have done to improve our service or your experience, please let us know as we certainly want to ensure that each of our customers enjoys a positive and productive experience with us. Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback, sir!"
- C.M. Heating
"The technician was supposed come for furnace check-up between 9 am and noon, but didn't come. My wife called the company and was told that the technician wouldn't tell ETA. The technician finally came about an hour late, and said the capacitor needs to be replaced and charged $125.00. I later look up online and it turned out to be only about $10.00. "
C . L from Edmonds, WA on December 29th, 2016
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