Furnace Service and Repair

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Furnace Repair in Edmonds, Washington

Is your heating system not working, or perhaps behaving a little differently? Have you noticed that your home in Edmonds, WA is not maintaining temperature properly and making funny noises?

If your gas furnace is not working call C.M. Heating now. We fix broken heating equipment all the time in Edmonds, WA. Or if your system is just getting old, or giving you reasons not to trust it any more let us know. We have many years of experience and we can help you make the right choices when it comes to your furnace system.

Customer stated that her furnace is not working. She tried changing the batteries in thermostat, but it is still not turning on the furnace. Upon investigation, the technician found that the furnace was not producing heat and needed a replacement two stage gas valve.

Edmonds, WA

Customer is having construction done at her home and they turned the power off and now the pilot of her furnace wont light. The technician performed a diagnosis on Gas furnace, determine thermostat wiring short occurred during removal of the thermostat by construction crew. Shorted out fused on control board. Made repair/fix to the unit. All operations normal at this time.

Edmonds, WA

Customer's GF will not heat correctly, whenever the customer tries to bump up the temperature, the unit does not register and will not kick on. The unit is still on and the green light is still glowing, but is not heating correctly. Performed diagnostics on gas furnace. Found a faulty ground connection, establish a better connection. Inducer motor is making a mild ticking noise, bearing maybe going bad, or possible foreign object is in housing. Recommend replacing if problem continues. All operations normal at this time.

Edmonds, WA