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Edmonds, Washington

Customer's furnace was installed by CM Heating in 2008, but now it is making a loud banging noise. Upon investigation,customer's concern of banging noise coming from piping on second level of home. During diagnostics visit no noise not heard/detected - piping located in wall under base boards. Performed bleeding air from water piping and checked for water leak in broiler room. No leaks detected. No visible piping loose or hanger to cause noise. Possible intermittently noise during early morning during initial startup of system and water flow from broiler up through piping up to the upper level of home. Recommend noting time of day, temp, and last start up of unit.

Edmonds, WA

Coleman TG9S060A10MP11 95% Gas Furnace
CM Heating installed a Coleman 80% Single Stage 60k BTU Furnace for this customer with a 10 year parts and labor warranty.
Edmonds, WA